My Bath Time Standards

Do you take a bath or just a shower? I like to take a long warm bath. I don't listen to music or watch anything. I like to read books and study. There are two things I keep in mind to make my bath time beneficial and meaningful.

  1. Making sure to completely relax.
  2. Taking good care of my skin and hair.

Let's dive into how I meet these bath time standards! #tokyostandardsmystandards

N. Shea Shampoo and Treatment

N. Shea products have been popular among Japanese women. They were exclusively used at hair salons until later when they were available on They have subtle elegant aroma, which makes me feel like I'm receiving treatment at a hair salon. The pair keeps my dried and bushy hair like Hermione Granger in a good shape!

Uka Kenzan Scalp Brush

The firm silicon spikes on the brush gives perfect pressures on my scalp. It completely relaxes myself and helps the performance of N. Shea products. It’s wonderful that I can provide myself spa-quality treatment!

Japanese Hinoki Bath Sachet

I like onsen and hionki bath. This sachet contains real Hinoki chips and makes me feel like I’m taking a outdoor hinoki bath in Japan. I can naturally take a deep breath and feel completely relax. The good thing is you can use one sachet twice. It’s such a sustainable way to reuse hinoki scraps!

Shop Japanese Hinoki Bath Sachet

Relaxation is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Some people find relaxation in yoga or meditation. Taking a warm bath is my way of relaxing and take a good care of myself!

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