Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Did you finish a plan for Mother's Day? Here we have some ideas for you!

Bouquet Kitchen Cloth

This durable kitchen cloth folded in a bouquet shape is definitely a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! If you can’t meet her in person on the day, why not send this bouquet to her?

Shop Bouquet Kitchen Cloth

Clover Cutlery Rest

Four-leaf clovers represent good luck. You can give this cute handmade cutlery rest to her, or you can use it for your Mother’s Day lunch or dinner!

Shop Clover Cutlery Rest

Origami Furoshiki

If your mom likes dogs or cats, why don’t you wrap a gift with these cute furoshiki! For example, you can bake a cookie of your mom’s recipe, wrap it in foil, then decorate it with the furoshiki.

Shop Dog Origami Furoshiki
Shop Cat Origami Furoshiki

Birdy bowl

This birdy bowl is versatile. Your mom can use it as a nuts bowl, fruits bowl or accessory tray. This is microwave and dishwasher safe!

Shop Birdy bowl

Shupatto shopping bag

Does your mom use a reusable shopping bag? If not, I highly recommended you get this for her. My mom uses it daily. It’s the easiest shopping ever!

Shop Shupatto shopping bag

Japanese cats marking pin set

This marking pin set is carefully handmade by a Japanese artist. Her work is popular in Japan and Asia. It'll be a perfect gift for all sawing lovers! 

Shop Japanese cats marking pin set

Hinoki Bath Sachet

Mom is busy. She needs "me" time. You can send her the message with this gift! She can feel the nature and she'll appreciate that you make her bath time special!

Shop Japanese Hinoki Bath Sachet

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