Redmond International Winter Market

Tokyo Standards had an opportunity to have the second pop-up shop at the Redmond International Winter Market! I am grateful to the organizer who found us at our first pop-up shop.

It was at the Downtown Park in Redmond, WA, on the first week of December. I bundled myself up like a snowman. Even though there was leftover snow on the ground from the night before, I was lucky to enjoy the beautiful blue sky and even receive warm sunshine!

The day's first order was the new birdy chopstick rests and bowl. It was an excellent opportunity to introduce new items.

Other new items, cat and dog origami furoshiki, are sold out quickly!

I had a great time meeting new people and vendors at the venue. One of my favorite vendors of the day was Northwest Share. They provide free food and drink for a good cause. A warm tea was a reward at the end of the cold day!

Since we are heading into the winter season, I don't have any upcoming pop-up plans at the moment. Hopefully, we can show up somewhere in spring! I'll keep you posted on newsletters and Instagram. 

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